Monday, 9 March 2015

The observatory is up and running!

On Tuesday 24th February we held our first official public event at the Space Studio's new observatory. We began with a talk all about the Moon, considering a range of questions about the Moon's structure, formation and our exploration of its surface. Visitors then had the opportunity to make their own planisphere to help them navigate the night sky before heading outside for some observing.

We were able to view many of the winter constellations including Orion and Taurus, picking out features such as the Pleiades open star cluster (also known as the Seven Sisters) with binoculars. In the observatory we spent time studying the craters along the Moon's terminator before moving on to Jupiter and its four Galilean moons.
The night sky looking south from Banbury on 24th February.
For information about the next public event at the Space Studio follow this blog by entering your email address in the space on the right.

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