Friday, 24 July 2015

Red Bull Stratos Exhibition Launch Event

Last night, A Level students Natt, Patricia and Charlie visited the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham for the launch of an exhibition celebrating the Red Bull Stratos mission to the edge of space.

The speakers at the event were:
  • Dr Helen Sharman OBE: the first Briton in space and the first woman to visit the Mir space station.
  • Anu Ojha OBE: skydiver and Director of Education and Space Communications at the National Space Centre in Leicester.
  • USAF Colonel Joseph Kittinger: setter of four world records for skydiving in 1960, the first person to make a solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a balloon, the first person to witness the curvature of the Earth and Red Bull Stratos Fight Operations and Safety Officer.
  • Felix Baumgartner: skydiver, base jumper and Red Bull Stratos record breaker.
  • Art Thompson: Red Bull Stratos Technical Project Director and the engineer behind the capsule.
In October 2012 Felix Baumgartner traveled by balloon to an altitude of 38,969 m (127,851 ft) and then jumped! He broke the world record for the highest altitude jump previously set by the legendary Joseph Kittinger in 1960 and became the first person to break the sound barrier while in free fall.

As well as being hugely inspirational to people everywhere the mission had a number of scientific benefits. Felix's pressure suit and capsule are some of the most advanced systems ever developed for flight and will continue to have an impact on future high altitude travel. The mission also enabled medics to study the effects of supersonic flight on human beings, something that had never been done before in this way.

Here at the Space Studio we held a competition for 6th form students to produce a piece of work about the mission. The winners were able to go along to last night's event, listen to a set of inspirational talks and meet some of their heroes. The evening had many highlights including opportunities to chat to all of the speakers about their experiences.

The students had a wonderful time and would like to thank Anu, the Red Bull Stratos team and Magna Science Centre for the invitation to such a brilliant event. Their work will now be displayed as part of the Red Bull Stratos exhibition.
Dr Helen Sharman giving a talk about her experiences in space
L-R: Natt, Miss Flood, Patricia, Mr Grocott, Charlie and Dr Helen Sharman
A Sokol suit similar to the one that Dr Helen Sharman wore for her flight on Soyuz
Anu Ojha using a marshmallow to demonstrate the effects of altitude on the body!
L-R: Patricia, Miss Flood, Charlie, Mr Grocott, Joseph Kittinger, Natt and Anu Ojha
With the Red Bull Stratos capsule
Felix's suit
Felix Baumgartner and Art Thompson discussing the mission
Felix signing Natt and Patricia's work
L-R: Anu Ojha, Patricia, Felix Baumgartner, Mr Grocott, Charlie, Miss Flood and Natt
You can view an amazing video of the Red Bull Stratos mission here:

To read more about Red Bull Stratos visit:

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